Monday, May 24, 2010

Arizona Immigration Controversy

Imagine that Mexico were the prosperous country and the USA the laggard. Imagine that there
were numerous well paying jobs in Mexico, everyone had decent housing, plenty food on the table and great schools. Average wages were $20.00 per hour and even menial work paid well.
In the USA, average wage was $5.00 per day and even the most degrading work was hard to find.
Most families lived in near shacks, families were lucky to have oneor two meals a day. Not only
was the educational system lacking but most children had to drop out at an early age to work to help support the family.
It was very difficult to emigrate to Mexico. To do so legally could take ten years
Suppose that you found a way to emigrate to Mexico safely though illegally. Thorat would ensure your family a better life, plenty to eat and a great education for your children.
Would you stay in the USA or seize the opportunities in Mexico?

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