Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is your God too small?

Many Christians I talk with still hold on to the "God created the heavens and earth in six days and rested on the seventh" mythology. But isn't this placing limits on "God?" I mean, if "God" is the "Creator" doesn't that indicate He (I am going to be conventional here) created everything, not just the physical but the mental, too. So He created every thought, idea, attitude, habit people have.
And so He cannot be restricted by the primitive musings of one ancient tribe. He would have had to create the Big Bang and the scientists who have discerned it. He would have had to create evolution and Charles Darwin's abilities. He would have had to create all the world's religions
and their virtues and faults.
Everything evolves. Not just the natural world. Take vehicles for example, most do not drive Model A Fords anymore. The modern car evolved from more basic kinds. We don't use a human operator to connect our phone calls. Phones aren't stuck to a wall anymore. We use cell phones and portable home phones. Wives do not go down to the local creek to wash the family clothing
by pounding clothes on rocks. There is an automatic machine in the laundry room.
These are all examples of evolution.
In the West, at least, we don't stone women to death for unfaithfulness, we don't offer our children as sacrifices, Most of us do not depend on prayer or a shaman for healing, we not only seek out professional medical help but expect the latest scientific medical devices for additional
diagnosis. That is evolution because ideas evolve, societies evolve.
Believe in a deity, if you must, but attribute to it a bit more intelligence.

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