Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, the emails I get!

Another mindless, simplistic email. This fellow proposes sending all illegals back to Mexico
(and beyond?). This would result in less gasoline usage and, so, the price would go down.
What really would happen is that prices would go up! Oil companies are going to make their
profit margins and make their balance sheets palatable to shareholders, no matter what.
Basic economics.
Further on he again proposes shipping all illegals back to their countries of origin but he does
not reveal how this would be paid for? Taxes would probably be raised as it would be at government expense. Maybe they could pay their own way by working here until they had saved enough? Or the money could be loaned to them but how would it be collected once they were beyond
our borders.
Is this a condemnation of the educational system that it produces adults who cannot think and reason? Who vent without recognizing the consequences of their ideas?

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