Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An old highschool classmate forwarded to me an email which purported to be about free speech.
A Michigan State Univ. professor had sent an email to muslim students in which he criticized their religion and invited them to go back to their home countries. This upset some Muslim
organizations and asked that he be censured and/or fired.
I would defend this profs right to free speech which this email pretended to support. Actually it was a rant about Islam and Muslims. It generalized from a particular incident to the whole of Islam and all Muslims.
But all Muslims are not radical, not all follow the letter of the Qran as people of all religions do not, cannot adhere to every jot and tittle of their holy books. Chaos and confusion would rule their minds. Too many contradictions. In fact, there are many secular Muslims who do not think that religion and state should intermingle. Imagine that.
The dangers to the USA are from radicals of any stripe.

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