Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taxes: A Five Letter Dirty Word!

Mention the word taxes and you get an immediate burst of negativity. Raising the subject is sure to raise most people's ire,
I have a different take. To me (and I'll keep the discussion on a local level, taxes are an investment ou make in your community. They are not a penalt or a take away. The make possible the services citizens expect, i.e, well maintained streets, street lights, fire and police protection andparks.
The city employs people to provide these services. These employees pay taxes, shop at local businesses providing others with employment.l These folks also pay taxes and shop.
The city purchases supplies and services from local businesses which then pay taxes and make purchases from other local businesses and their employees also pay taxes and shop.
Get the picture. Taxes are recycled back into the economy to the benefit of the majority.
Even the social services recycle money back into the economy.
Is this anti-tax sentiment due to selfishness or ignorance?


  1. Neal. I agree with you that I'm generally not opposed to paying local taxes -- sales, property, state income tax -- because I derive many benefits from the services that the government and the educational institutions provide. The rub for me (and many others who are neither selfish or ignorant) comes when I don't trust those who are in charge of where the money is spent. They may be pouring funds into jails instead of schools, or into some legislator's pet project in his district for which he traded his support of some other legislator's pet project. I don't know how to resolve this need for services with the distrust of those who hold the purse strings.


  2. Thanks, Bob. I don't either but then no system is 100% perfect. I prefer to look at the positive side which few people do.

  3. Taxes should be used to buy things that people would rather have than the things that could have bought themselves with their tax money. Like you talk about in your post, city services, police, schools, and I would add military protection are all acceptable uses of tax money. I get upset when my taxes are simply used to provide someone else with something that some politician believes they need. For example: 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. That is a waste of taxpayer money because it provides a financial incentive for people to avoid work. I don't mind a safety net of say 4 to 8 weeks. Maybe even 12 or 16. But 99 is almost two years! That money would be better left in the taxpayers hands for them to use as they see best.

  4. But wouldn't you like money to keep circulating in the community to sustain the economy? I agree that 99 weeks is much but in this recession? My experience is that those who would have a disincentive to work would be few.