Friday, June 18, 2010

Tempe AZ, where I live, 105 degrees F today. Folks in other states ask how I can live here. They don't comprehend how large this state is. There are three climate zones ranging from desert to temperate to mountains. If it is hot, I can drive for 1/2 hour and escape it.
In most states you're stuck with the weather you have.
Besides I lived in Syracuse NY for ten years. Better 105 any day than 20 degrees below zero.
I haven't owned a snow shovel for 40 years. Winter often lasted six months with day after day of gray skies. Here, hot weather rarely lasts more than four months and it's sunny 350 days a year.
Also, I live in Tempe, the most progressive city in AZ. Tempe leads the way and the rest of Phoenix metro trails behind. Great city government, lots of parks and Arizona State University to lend a cultural spark. Tempe created a town lake in a dry riverbed which attracts not only locals but visitors throughout the area. Just a few benefits and amenities mentioned. Give me the heat anyday when I have such a great place to live!
Logic can get you from A-b but imagination can take you anywhere.
Albert Einstein

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