Friday, July 2, 2010

Is American democracy outmoded?

I ask this as a question to start a discussion. Most democracies I am aware of have a multiparty system. One or two parties may dominate but the minor parties act as a check on their power.
The cooperation of the smaller parties is necessary for the majors to pass or defeat most legislation.
In American we hane two major parties at each others throats constantly. Loyalty to the party is more important than the welfare of the country and citizens. Only one of two views prevail and neither may be beneficial eventually.
What is the solution? Non-partisan elections where every candidate is on his/her own in raising funds, getting press coverage, etc? Works on a local level in some cities. But on the national level, there would have to have a mechanism where each candidate would have exactly the same amount of money available or the rich would dominate even more than now.
Have any ideas?

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