Monday, July 5, 2010

Teach religion in schools?

Definitely! Note that religion is a generic term and does not refer to a specific one.
Teach religion objectively, as history, as a way of social cohesion, a method of passing on
moral standards, a way of justifying closely held beliefs and prejudices.
An all embracing knowledge of all religions will breed a greater understanding of what makes others who they are and what they are.Deepen an appreciation of where others are coming from. Lessen prejudice and bigotry.
Joseph Campbell's books would make excellent texts for older students.For younger kids, I would need suggestions.
Specially trained teachers would be needed who could who could present the subject with an appreciation for what richness religion has contributed to civilization while not ignoring the tragedies and wars it has generated.
Yes, teach religion in schools but not to the favor of a specific one.

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