Sunday, July 18, 2010

Your children and their future

The world is changing at lightning speed. I can hardly catch up, can you? Think of the changes that will come hurtling at your children (and grandchildren). Change is now and will become more so an everyday fact of life. If your child is not well grounded in science, logic and critical thinking, he/she will be left behind, lost. Superstition and myths are comforting but they will not suffice.
I do not have solutions only suggestions. The world has become interconnected. What happens anywhere in the world may affect life anywhere else in the world. Make sure you and your children know about other cultures, other ways of thinking. That will help you and them know where "other people are coming from." You may not agree with them but, at least, you will have a basis for understanding and discussion.
Science will be so pervasive in directing our futures that a basic knowledge of science and its methods is of paramount importance.
You and they must understand the scientific vocabulary and how it differs from everyday English. For example: the science definition of theory versus the colloquial defitnition of it as a guess. This is just an opening that will engender more suggestions later.
Have a happy day!!

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